Saturday, September 25, 2010

birthday week.

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Nate took the boys to the library this morning, so while working on some laundry I am watching Craft in America on PBS, and now I want to 1. Move to New York and either take classes or teach classes at the 92nd Street YMCA; 2. Learn how to make woodcut prints; 3. Stitch all day and finish my current embroidery project instead of cleaning or parenting or even eating. I'm getting pretty excited about how this latest piece is going to look. It's just taking a really long time. It's a labor of love, and the love is both for the recipients of the piece (it's a late wedding gift for Paul and Andrea), and for the work itself. I'm anxious to see it finished because I think it will be wonderful, but I still have a long way to go, and only so much time a day available for crafting. Every stitch brings me closer to completion, and that is a comfort. T is in preschool three mornings a week this year, and I come straight home after dropping him off and work on nothing but embroidery. Those hours are sacred to me. I vow to never use them to buy toilet cleaner at Wal-Mart or sort socks. I use them for myself only, and they are restorative.

Recently I got bangs cut and I turned 29. Before I turn 30 I would like to lose the weight I have been trying to lose since T was born. That is my goal and I'm not going to talk about it anymore because it's getting embarrassing to always bring it up and never actually succeed at doing it. But I'm still trying. After I turn 30 I expect to have some revelation that allows me to accept my body for what it is. Until then, I want to be skinny again, dang it.

Local people probably know that my good friend Bonnie is having a trial in her life. Her third baby, James, was born with some complications and is still in the hospital while medical experts try to determine how to help him and what to expect for his life. It's very hard to know how to help a friend going through this kind of ordeal, but someone has made it convenient to help in one way, which is bringing meals to the family, by setting up a schedule on a website called Food Tidings. If you want to read about baby James' progress, you can go here. If you would like to sign up to take food to Bonnie's family, you can go here. Needless to say, at a time like this one feels extremely thankful for healthy children, even (maybe especially) when they are jumping all over the house full of an energy you cannot contain. I'm sure in a week or a month I will revert to feeling irritated by their mess and chaos and struggle to appreciate the joy they bring to my life.  I always do. But for right now, at this moment, I am so incredibly thankful for them. I hate that this thankfulness is coupled with a great sadness for my friend. Yet there is still a lot of hope for James. His story is still evolving.

Birthday week always makes me reflective,and at this point in my life, reflection always makes me grateful to be surrounded by people, three people in particular, who love me despite my many rough edges. If you click here you can listen to a mix Nate made for me on my birthday. Because his art of choice these days is dj-ing, a mix of love songs put together by him is just as good as if he's written me a love song himself. I may be reading too much into it, but that is how I look at this gift. And that is pretty great. Plus, it's just good, even if you're not the one being serenaded in grand romantic fashion, so you should listen to it and enjoy.

Thank you for reading all these many words. I would like to try to be here in this internet space more often. I will try.


Mrs MK said...

Ditto your comment on that revelation coming my way with 30. I hope it does! And, I hope you do keep writing :)

Lisa said...

Hi there,
We just wanted to let you know we're glad that Food Tidings can be of help as a way to organize meals for baby James's family. He's just precious- I hope it's okay, but I clicked on the link to see how he's doing.

I agree that it's hard to know how to help, and a meal can be a great way to say you care. If anyone runs into anything and has questions or ways you think Food Tidings can be better, please let us know-
Have a wonderful day, and happy birthday!
-Lisa Shepherd
(Co-Founder of Food Tidings)

Christina said...

Laura this is a great picture of you. I am happy that you are protecting those hours of creative time. I think they make us better people. I have been keeping Wednesday nights craft nights despite constant temptation to attend to laundry and dishes instead. It helps. I love the way you phrase things. I feel about quilting the way you do about embroidery - I will resist eating or even going to the bathroom to keep doing it! A little crazy but I guess it's just the way we are. : )

kristin said...

happy belated, laura! the bangs look lovely :) xoxo