Thursday, June 3, 2010

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The first week of summer has flown by. We have been moderately busy. The boys are working on their charts most days, which can take an hour or two, depending on their pace. We are trying to do some little trip every day, to the pool, the library, or someone's house, and we also go to the gym most days. The mood of the house has been pretty good, but I did hit a wall yesterday and felt extremely grouchy and irritable. I realized it had been a full week with no time to myself. It's a hard adjustment, to give up that time I had each week.

Looking forward to trying out the inlaws' new pool soon. Maybe today?

Working on finishing an embroidery that has been on my hoop for far too long. Straight on to another piece when it's done. I have six pieces I really want to get done this summer. Ambitious. I can do it if I just keep stitching. Jay, Mary, people getting married soon, and MegaMart, keep your eyes out!

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Christina said...

I think it's good practice to have a little outing mist days - I try to do that too with Ellery. I hope you can get at least a couple hours a week to yourself this summer! I was embroidering something last night and thinking of you...