Tuesday, May 25, 2010


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We had a great trip to Chicago this weekend. We delivered the dresser, then spent a fun 26 hours visiting with friends. Every time we go up to the city I am so thankful for the friends we have there, and look forward to a time when we can see them more.
I was also so proud of the boys this trip. As they get older I feel more confident that they are really great kids. We spent a long lazy Saturday at a friend's bbq, and they were so relaxed and cool about being the only kids there. Of course it helped that people took turns playing with them and listening to them explain Bakugan. Then on Sunday we watched our friends' softball game. I thought they might be grumpy or bored, but they were content to play in the shade and watch the game. They barely complained about the blazing heat or the long walks. What can I say? They just made me so proud, I had to gush.
This picture was taken outside of our old apartment, where T was born. We also crossed the street to Palmer Square, which is where T gets his middle name. He wasn't too impressed with either landmark.


Christina said...

Hee! I thought I recognized it!

TaylorStreet said...

I agree ---- the boys were incredibly patient with the "sit in the heat during a game you have no interest in" softball affair. They were so great! Can't wait to get some quality time with those guys this summer.