Thursday, May 6, 2010

busy busy.

I am busy working on refinishing a dresser. I'm putting way too much time into it for what I charged the client, but I tend to do that. The important thing to me is that I like how it looks, and I think I'm going to be really proud of this piece when it's done. Really colorful and splashy and loud and wonderful. More on the dresser when it's finished in a couple weeks.

Yesterday on facebook there was a conversation about stressful crafting with children and I was reminded of this old blog post. I went back and found the link, then started browsing through old blog entries. I stayed up much too late as a result. Looking through my old posts was fun, and made me think a couple things.

First, I'm not a terrible writer. Sometimes I feel I get too emotional on here and it makes me cringe to re-read posts like that. But as long as I leave a nice bubble of personal space between me and my readers, I think I can be a good story teller / communicator. I rarely write anything lengthy on here anymore, which I think is okay. But looking back at posts of yore made me think I should write more. I especially enjoyed the anecdotes about the boys, but I supposed I"m biased in that regard.

The other thing I noticed is that I had so many nice comments from a core group of friends. This made me feel two things.
a) Bad, because I am not good about commenting on other people's blogs. If you are my personal, real life friend and have a blog, you can be certain that I read it. But I rarely make time to click over and leave a comment. Sorry for that.
b) So grateful for the good friends in my life. Facebook is where I spend most of my internet time these days, and while it is really fun in some ways, it can leave me feeling like I just gorged on cotton candy for a half hour. Like, sickly sweet and not substantive at all. I have almost 300 friends on there now, and some of them, of course I consider really good friends. The rest are just on the periphery. Why am I explaining this? You know all this already. My point: Any Joe Shmoe can leave a five word comment on my two sentence facebook status update. But for a person to read all these words I type, to consider them and then leave a thoughtful comment about what I wrote, that is something else entirely. And at the risk of sounding cheesy, I think it is something really special. So thank you, guys. You make me feel loved. I appreciate your friendship, on facebook, in blogland, and especially in real life.


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Megan said...

You say that sometimes you get too emotional, but it's your willingness to express your emotion here that most impresses me about your writing. I found that I can't take my parents' criticism when I write how I actually feel about things. Keep it up.