Sunday, April 4, 2010

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We had a nice Easter day. In the past I have always left this holiday to the grandparents. Since we celebrate with great fanfare on both sides of our families, I felt like the boys got enough Easter without my having to lift a finger. This is true, and they had never complained, but I got to thinking that it would be nice for them to wake up to something special at home, however small. I kept it very simple. Paper plates and napkins adorned with chicks and eggs, easter-themed stickers and little notebooks, bunny straws. I also set out the birthday ring, but just chose the ornaments most appropriate for springtime. I baked muffins shaped like bunnies and baskets. These few small things made the boys happy and I was glad I had made the effort.

We attended our church and then went to Nate's parents' for lunch and a relaxing day. When we left I was surprised by S's multiple and sincere "thank you"'s for all he had received. We were at a graduation party yesterday for one of Nate's cousins, and S noted how excited she was as she opened our gift (a very modest tea and chocolate combo). I said that I was sure she liked it, but also that she has a lot of practice at opening gifts and acting very thankful. We talked about how it makes people feel happy to see someone react excitedly to their gift, and how Lucy was good at that. It must have made quite an impression on him, because I've never seen him so profusely grateful as he was today. Very sweet. I hope he can hang on to that attitude for one more week, when we'll celebrate with my family.

Hope you all had a great day with your families. More pictures of our day on my flickr page, just click on this photo to go there.

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