Sunday, March 7, 2010

four bikes in february.

So my fingers have been very busy this month. On facebook I read about the tragic accident of Mariel Mentink. I only know her sisters a little bit, and I don't know Mariel at all, but this story really stirred something in my heart, and I wanted to help somehow. These four pieces are on their way to The House Cafe in DeKalb, Illinois, where a benefit for Mariel will be held on March 14. I hope that someone will buy them, take them home, and enjoy them, but most of all that whatever small amount they bring in will be added to a large sum that will help Mariel's family to pay for her ongoing recovery. If you want to give something, anything, you can do that here, and it will surely be appreciated.

I was glad to have this project to focus on during February, a month that I typically detest. I was trying to get as many pieces finished as possible to donate to this benefit. Four in a month is pretty fast for me! The end of winter really flew by, and I am incredibly grateful to look up from my frantic stitching and find that spring is nearly here.

One more quick note about these bikes, well, one in particular: One day I was pleased to find that Feeling Stitchy, a popular embroidery blog, featured one of my bikes. I was flattered, of course, to have my work featured and complimented, but I was also so pleased with the words that accompanied the pictures of my work. Floresita could have easily just written, "Hey, here's a cute embroidery for you to enjoy," and left it at that. Instead she clicked over, read Mariel's story, and shared a concise summary with all of her readers. I thought that was so nice. It really made my day.

There are more pictures of each of these bikes in my flickr photostream, if you'd like to see them in greater detail.
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Sarah Hedman said...

wow, Laura. great job! Just yesterday I started Josie on her first embroidery project. She has been asking for weeks now and we finally had a bit of time to do it yesterday. She picked a small bird pattern and is stitching away and doing a great job. i will post a pic of it when she finishes. I started when I was 5 - brings back memories.

Sheri & Bill said...

Dear laura - Wow! What neat work! And for such a great cause. Bless you! Congratulations on being seen on "Feeling Stitchy". I must share with KC & BC as they are beginning to share sewing skills with their girls. Since they love to get mail, I have been looking for ideas, patterns, etc. and found a great book at the library - "The Embroidery Stitch Bible" by Betty Barden. Never knew there were so many stitches. Sheri