Monday, December 7, 2009

secret message.

secret message.
Originally uploaded by Laura Hartrich
I bought this light at Goodwill. It originally featured a hideous martini motif. I thought I could use the bones of the light, though, so threw it in the cart for $3. To spiff up this thrifted light all I had to do was get a new piece of plexiglass cut at Lowe's (cheap!) and cover it with scrapbook paper. As I was putting the plexiglass back in, I noticed that my hand cast really defined shadows when the bulb was lit. After thinking for a minute, I decided the quickest/easiest/best way to make use of the shadow effect was to put some alphabet stickers underneath the paper. When the lamp is off, you only see the blue and white paper. When it's on, this message appears. I hung it in the boys' stairwell to serve as a nightlight, though right now it has to compete with their little fiber-optics tinsel tree.
Really quick, simple, satisfying project. Click through to see more pictures. xoxo

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kristin said...

i love this! great idea!