Sunday, December 27, 2009

probably my favorite gift this year, but there are about fifty close contenders.

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Right now I'm at my in-laws' house. We dropped the boys off here last night, went to a party where Nate dj'd, and rolled back in to crash here around 3 am. Then up around 7. Ouch. My head is in serious pain, but the snow is STILL coming down, it looks gorgeous outside, and I feel really cozy here on the couch.. The boys are crazy and hilarious this morning, pretending to be cats and dogs.

I have a week left with Nate home, thankfully. We've got some major work to do, in the way of finding homes for new acquisitions. Toys are everywhere. I'm completely overwhelmed. It will take a couple days, at least, to get it all organized to my satisfaction. Then we need to take down the tree, etc. Lots of work ahead. But hopefully we'll have time for some family fun, too, and maybe time to hang out with loved ones.

Yesterday I finished a big project that I am excited to show you. It needs to be mailed off, though, and once I know it has been received, I'll tell you all about it. Hope you all are enjoying your holidays. xoxo

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