Thursday, December 10, 2009

potlucks r us.

This year we've been hosting competitive potlucks every 6 weeks or so. Our friend Paul used to do these in Chicago. We always thought they were a great idea, but only attended one. I wish we had gone to more, I wish in general that we had seen our friends a lot more when we lived in Chicago, but at the time I felt really inhibited by having a small child. Anyway, Nate suggested we start hosting these potlucks every so often so that we could see our friends and eat good food. We know some really great cooks. The food has been amazing. This past potluck we finally won first place with a chicken curry. Yum.

I tend to get really caught up in the stress and busyness and endless tasks of daily life. I'm glad Nate is here to remind me that we need to make time for fun and friends. Another potluck will be scheduled for February, I think, the month I dread most of all. Something to look forward to during the dark days of winter.

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