Thursday, December 17, 2009

Originally uploaded by Laura Hartrich
I am stuck in some ick. Staying up late, sleeping in, eating constantly and all the wrong things, avoiding the gym because I don't want to be seen in the tight workout clothes that will reveal the weight I've gained. I don't know if it's winter, holiday stress, simply bad habits, or something more. Can't put my finger on it. I wish something would come along to make me snap out of it. I don't know what that thing could be, though.

I guess it might have to just be me. It stinks, but when I feel like doing absolutely nothing is when I most need to do something, anything, to pull myself back up. Act the way you want to feel. Not easy to do. I have to try.


Jay M. said...

I'm there with you. An ick boat with plenty of room for everyone. Looking for keys to motivation.

Anonymous said...

I'd suggest hitting the gym hard. As a guy I can tell that no matter how fat a lady is, she gets respect for trying to change it because losing weight is a very hard thing to do. Regards.

Dow Jones said...
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