Wednesday, August 12, 2009

mid-august garden report.

I feel like such a lazy gardener. Really. I'm hardly out here at all. Still, the tomatoes are growing like gangbusters. Now if they would just turn red. I brought some green ones in and put them in a paper bag, hoping that would help them turn. No luck yet. Look at the size of these plants, though! I should have given them more space. I had no idea they would get so huge. My basil plant has also been fairly prolific. I need to make some pesto soon, I think.
As you can see, some of my flowers really took off, while others did not. The zinnias really did well. Some of the marigolds stayed small. They probably could have benefited from some dead-heading, but again, lazy gardener.
I have japanese beetles all over my green bean plant. If I had been out here more often, I could have easily picked off a few every day and kept them under control. As things stand, they have all but killed my bean plant in their great quantity. Even with the plague of beetles, we were able to eat nearly two pounds of our own green beans, and they tasted good. Also, I'd much prefer them to be on my bean plant than my tomato plants. I'm not sure why they favor one over the other, but their tastes suit me just fine.
The plastic imitation chicken wire I put up did absolutely nothing to deter one determined rabbit. At first I patched up the holes he chewed through my barrier, but after a few rounds I gave up. He basically lives in my garden, and dashes away every time he hears me coming. He has done only minimal damage, thank goodness. He ate three of my four pepper plants, leaving one in his benevolence (and it's producing!)

update: since I began writing this post a few days ago, several of my tomatoes have turned red. I can't wait until they're ready to eat.


Linda Sliger said...

Did you put any of the green tomatoes in a sunny window?

That worked great for me.

Talk later,
love memaw

Rondell said...
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