Sunday, August 2, 2009

hello, august.

Well, here we are in August. S starts school in two weeks and a few days. I'll just skip the paragraph where I talk about how I can't believe how fast the summer has flown by.
S and T model the tie-dye shirts we made at a playdate with some other families. Fun.

As usual, I have many projects brewing in my head, some crafty endeavors and some home decorating schemes. I'm going to do my best to put them all on the back burner for now, and focus on our last fleeting days of summer break. I want to pull out all the stops, and absolutely pack our last two weeks with loads of fun stuff for the boys. I'll try to report back after all our adventures.
Nate and I had fun at Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago a few weekends ago.

A week into September, T will start preschool (!!!) for two mornings a week. If you're quick with your mental math, you've deduced that I will be BOY-FREE while he is there, for two hours at a time, two days a week. I'm more than a little excited about the possibilities for this time when I'll be flying solo. At the same time, I'm trying to keep my expectations realistic. Two hours will fly by. I realize that if I hope to accomplish anything too grand I will most likely be disappointed. Still, it's four hours a week, and if I use my time well, I should be able to fit in a fair amount of cleaning or creating. It will be good.

I know I told you I was collecting plates for a plate wall. Here is my result. Not a great picture, but you can get the idea. I love it so.
I made this set of collages as a baby gift for friends who are expecting their first. You can see them in better detail on my flickr page.

I made this embroidery, inspired by a song on The Mighty Boosh. It's the first thing I've ever stitched with the intention of hanging it in our house, and I really like how it turned out. It's at the framer's now. I'm excited to get it back and hang it up.

Again, if you want to see more pictures of any recent projects, check out my flickr photostream. I'm a little better about keeping that updated than I am this neglected blog.

I'll be back after our last hurrah.


sarah hedman said...

those collages are amazing!!! i am feverishly trying to catch up on crafty stuff around her before little boy comes along. wish i had more time to try extra stuff like these collages. SOMEday they will all be in school and i can do that kind of stuff....just a few more years, but i'm in no hurry. until then, I will be inspired by the likes of you!! great job!

Colin said...

hey! in response to your comment, the guest room is totally ready. my parents may be here early september so let me get back to you once i know their plans. i doubt they're the same but you never know. i hope you guys can come visit soon though!

Colin said...

that was kristin

Angela said...

Great post. Love it all, 'specially those rock star boys.