Wednesday, August 19, 2009

back at it.

When I picked S up from his first day back at school, he ran at me and then lifted off into a flying leap while yelling, "First grade was AWESOME!" This reaction was a great relief and joy. It seems he had fun. Today was a half day, tomorrow is the first full day, the first day he'll eat lunch at school and have recess. I feel a little stressed about adding lunch-packing to my daily tasks. I'm already running around in the morning trying to get everything ready in time. I guess I'll have to stay off facebook in the morning. OH THE SACRIFICE. I guess we can also do hot lunch once in a while, though the fact that I make lunch-ticket checks out to SODEXO does not make me feel better about the food stuffs my child will ingest during those meals. Oh well. I'm only human, Michael Pollan. Don't judge me.
In my typical way, I have settled on some goals for this school year. First up, I want to somehow develop a zen-like patience to call upon during homework sessions. I don't have words to describe our struggle with homework throughout kindergarten. It was rough, to say the least. And I expect it will continue to be hard. I want to hold myself to a higher standard of patience, and I also want to gradually transition to him doing it more and more on his own.

Goal two, and this is a big one... I want to eliminate screen time from our week days, reserving it for weekends only. TV, movies, video games, computer games all fall under this edict. We've talked about it with the boys, but I'm not sure that it really sunk in. I'm aware that this change will require some work on my part. Screen time will need to be filled with other activities, and I don't expect the boys to think of those things on their own. I'll make an effort to play more, and to plan ahead so that various crafts and projects are at the ready. It's important to me that my kids have thriving imaginations and don't rely on tv, etc as their primary mode of relaxation. Thus the reason for this change. I feel really strongly about this right now and am committed to making it work. Check back with me in mid-winter, though. February will be the true test of my idealistic fortitude.

T starts preschool after Labor Day. I'm looking forward to it. The school is great; it reminds me a lot of S's co-op preschool in Bloomington, which I adored. Also on the horizon: allowance! chores! Flylady?! (still debating that one). The school year is a new beginning, and I love to implement new systems during a transitional time. So here we go! Time to make it work, and see what sticks.

Love to you all.


Jay M. said...

Holy smokes!

Eliminating screen time during the week. I don't know whether to congratulate you for you efforts, or call an exorcist. (cuz, you know, you've been taken over by evil demons and whatnot.)

Seems like that's going to be a pretty big challenge. Would you involve yourself in that challenge, or would it be just for the kids? Also, I'm sure I read it before, but what's the current screen time limit for the kids during the week and on weekends? Just curious.

Also, we miss you guys.

Banana Mama said...

Best wishes on your goals. Let me know if I can back you up in any way. Of course that would have to be any way other than being patient, limiting screen time, cleaning the house adequately, implementing chores, or allowances. I hope I can be your cheerleader without being an athlete with you.

Banana Mama said...

Also, that's so great about Simon loving first grade. One of my earliest memories is of a similar experience, running out to tell my mom that the first day of school was awesome! Sounds like you've got a good fit there.

Maiasaura said...

thanks, guys! jay, the challenge will not apply to grown ups. but we do wait until the kids are asleep to watch anything, which is a built-in limit. about a hour each evening, usually. as they get older and stay up later, we'll be watching less and less ourselves. we're trying to prepare ourselves for that. it will be a big change.

in the past we have tried to stick between 1-2 hours a day. but then if the boys go to the gym with me, that's an additional hour or two for that day. it's embarrassing for me to admit we were watching that much. i don't think it's that high compared to the average for american families/kids, but still too much.

so that's that.

we miss you too. we're thinking a possible labor day weekend jaunt to the city. will need to talk to folks (colin/kristin?) about staying a night or two. anyway, hopefully we'll see you soon.

Kellie said...

Holy Crumb - your horizon sounds just like ours - less tv, packing the lunches, chore charts and yes, I have attempted flylady as well). Yikes, is it something with first graders?