Monday, April 20, 2009

spring spring spring spring spring spring. we made it. we're here.

Last week we renewed our love affair with a local park. It's the 'woods park' to my boys. There are walking trails, a little stream, and a disc gold course. On a beautiful day we like to take a picnic lunch out there and then spend a good hour or two romping. Rainboots are a must for splashing in the stream. I come prepared for them to get disastrously messy and then I can enjoy the play that follows. I love that we have a place so nearby where my boys can feel so free.

I think T's potty-talk has really reached a pinnacle, as you'll see in this impromptu song. Should be all downhill from here (I hope).


kristin said...

whoa don't let the guys at Pitchfork get a hold of that poopy song! hilarious.

Bonnie said...

How do you not crack up at the cutenss that is your children?!