Wednesday, April 22, 2009

some recent projects.

Happy Earth Day! I had an idea to take the boys to the woods today with a trash bag and pick up all the trash that we usually just step over. Now the plan is for the boys to spend the day with Grandma while I paint. Maybe we can do our good deed for the earth tomorrow.

A few projects have come and gone without me writing about them here. Allow me to share them now.
First up, chronologically ordered photo albums!! I cut out numbers from felt and glued them to the spines of my photo albums. So now I know my older albums from my new ones. This project took maybe 3 nights to complete, and I'm purely giddy over the result.
Here is a little display I put together on the wall in my studio (aka craft room. I'm trying to adapt a more serious word for my work space). Top collage by me, prints on the right from selflesh on etsy, animal pancake mold from a garage sale, framed painting made by S in preschool.
Also in the studio, two paint-by-numbers that I absolutely adore. Bought them both at a garage sale for 50 cents.
Thrifted birdies that I painted to match the wall.
And three thrifted ladies, also painted to match the wall. T kept asking me what their names were, so I named them Henrietta, Bernadette, and Paloma. All three names would have been on my list for a Hartrich girl, mostly likely to be vetoed by Nate.

I made this embroidery as a gift for my friend Janna who recently had her second baby, a big beautiful girl named Sonia Grace.When they found out long ago that they were having a girl, my head was swirling with super cute embroidery possibilities. I was leaning toward something personalized, since I knew her name ahead of time too. But then I realized I hadn't made a personalized embroidery for her big brother Sal. And I have a thing about fairness between siblings.
I remembered a piece Janna had purchased from my etsy shop long ago (my very first sale, actually. It was a kindness I'll never forget). I decided to pick another illustration from the same vintage alphabet book so that brother and sister would have a matching set of embroideries. Sort of. Later I realized that the windy theme will very likely correspond to the weather on Sonia's birthday in early spring. Happy coincidence.


Bonnie said...

I love all your pictures. I adore the way you painted your ladies and birds to match your walls. Geesh, you're good.

Megan said...

What a great idea for the photo albums. I never know what order they go in until I have opened them all up.

Leah said...

"Work space" is the best description. "Office," even. Take yourself seriously! ;-) I absolutely love the photo albums. I might have to copy that. With your permission, of course...!

Mama Niccicoco said...

you are so talented. I wanna learn to collage, will you teach me sometime? I can't wait to come see all your new home projects!