Friday, April 10, 2009

soggy saturday dreaming.

Rainy day here. Trying to get some things done while keeping the boys marginally entertained. Also thinking about some things I want but can't buy because I'm saving all my spending money for tattoos and/or wallpaper and/or property taxes.

For the craft room:
screw punch
so. many. uses.

paper cutter
my current paper cutter cuts a shamefully crooked line. totally defeats the purpose.

magnet boards
i want like 5 of these in each color to make a giant inspiration board.
i feel a little funny crafting in my room at night, because of the big glass doors. i feel like everybody can see me... curtains would provide a nice option for privacy.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. My friend Janna had her baby girl yesterday, and I'm bubbling with happiness for her and her family. Be back soon.

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Jay M. said...

I would say skip the cutter and get a steel straight edge, and a good X-acto knife.

That way, you're just relying on yourself to cut a straight line.