Tuesday, April 14, 2009

quick craft: collaged switch plates.

I bought these switch plates back in December, with the intention of collaging them and putting them in the boys' stockings, but never found the time. Today was rainy day #2 of S's spring break, and I thought this would be a quick and fun project to help pass the afternoon. I pulled out of a few vintage books from my collection (I have a shelf filled with books for cutting and a separate shelf for books too special to cut. I call them 'inspiration only' books) and let the boys cut out pictures they liked. S did most of his own cutting. T chose pictures and I did the cutting for him. I used ModPodge to affix the paper, x-acto knife to trim the edges and the opening for the switch, and my new screw punch (yea!) to cut out the holes for the screws.

The boys are thrilled with their new light switches.
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Megan said...

Ok this is so crazy! I was looking at one of my fav blogs yesterday and they had light switches you could customize. I thought of you right away and was going to send you a link. So when you posted your latest craft it was CRAZY! Love it. Might try it this summer with Mia. Something fun. Loveyour finished products.

Maiasaura said...

haha! that is crazy! this is such a fun project. you should try it and blog your results. :-)