Wednesday, April 8, 2009

pop in.

Just wanted to say a quick hello. Still feeling incredibly busy, but somehow managing to stay on top of things, including laundry!

I'm embarking on a weight-loss effort that involves taking pictures of everything I eat. I'm posting them elsewhere on the interwebs (check my profile if you're really interested). So I am actually blogging every night, just not here. Even though it's strictly about my food and therefore pretty boring, it still taps into my time/energy reserved for blogging. For that reason things might be a little slow over her for a while. Nate's sister is getting married in October. I'm on a mission to be a slender, fit bridesmaid.

Top picture is a little wooden S I decoupaged for my nephew Simeon who could be arriving any day now. My sister in law Kelsey has been diagnosed with preeclampsia (just like I had with S, if you remember). They are keeping a close eye on her and she will be induced whenever her doctors deem it necessary. We will have a new cousin very soon! The map I used to embellish this S was from an old school atlas that I scored at the library for a quarter. I don't always find something worthwhile at the library book sale, but when I do, the super low prices make it extra exciting.

I have a couple other projects to show you, but need to get them in the mail and give them a few days to arrive before I post them here. Don't want to ruin any surprises.
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Megan said...

I love that letter! I may need to get hold of you when I get back in town to get a couple!

Mama Niccicoco said...

I would really be depressed if I took photos of everything I ate, so that is quite a brilliant weight loss plan. I also have wedding in fall, and I am not looking forward to squeezing into the dress. Love your ideas for the craft room!