Monday, March 9, 2009

sicky weekend.

Hello, Monday. I'm so glad to see you. This weekend was awful, one of the worst ever. T was sick again, and I felt so cooped up and lonely and antsy. We couldn't see anybody, though, because of the sick boy. S and I did make it to church, which was a nice break from the sick house. But when we got home it was more clingy, whiny, feverish sadness from T, all while S was in full-on pester mode, no doubt looking for some attention from two exhausted parents.

I think T is on the mend now. His fever has abated, just cold symptoms remain. If we can somehow catch up on sleep, all will be well. Friday and Saturday he was pulling the craziest night-time antics of his long and illustrious career, waking up at least once an hour, coming downstairs, refusing to sleep in his crib. I tried to let him sleep with us, but his noisy breathing/finger sucking/fidgeting was unbearable. Then last night, wouldn't you know, he slept great, I could not sleep at all. I don't know why. My mind was racing with all sorts of nonsense, then entered that panicked why-can't-I-sleep-I-neeeeeed-to-sleep phase. So frustrating.

Sigh. All this exhaustion, and still my deadline for chairs looms on the horizon. I need to go work on those now. Here a few videos from our recent nice weather. I'm trying to put more up and will share them when the computer cooperates.

(please tell me if these videos don't work for you. i'm having a bit of trouble.)

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Kelly Annabella said...

i can see them! they're adorable.
i really need to see you guys soon. let us know when the sickness leaves you and we'll work out a time fo SHO.