Wednesday, March 25, 2009

dinner success and tree bark on a chair.

Our dinner system is working well. Some nights are still a struggle, but I think overall we have less whining and bargaining than we did before. Tonight Nate made a recipe that S picked out from Every Day Food (Martha Stewart publication, I recommend highly). Lemony tortellini with peas and prosciutto. All four of us gobbled it up. Yea!

The second chair I completed for my most recent order was for a little girl named Aspen. I used her name as inspiration and the resulting chair is probably in my top 3 personal favorites.

After extensive googling of aspen tree images, I printed this* photo. Then I laid it over some white paper and used an x-acto knife to cut out the pattern of the bark. After that was finally done, I put the white paper over black paper and voila! Aspen bark. It took a lot of time to cut out those tiny specks and lines, but I am very pleased with the result. I also employed a little silver and black ink to mimic the shadow and shapes of the original picture.

*Urrrrgh. I've looked and looked but cannot find the original picture I used. It was something like this, but a much tighter shot, with no space between trees. Wish I could find the original to show you. Bummer.

Anyway, I then found simple illustrations of aspen leaves and used those as templates for the leaves I cut out and put on the chair. Her name is on both sides of the backrest, using some green stickers I had in my stash.

Aspen and her parents won't receive this chair until later this spring, I'm told. When they finally do, I hope they'll love it. I think it's beautiful, if it's not too vain to say so.


sarah hedman said...

as a lover of trees i LOVE LOVE this chair. they are going to love it!! great work, LB.

Bonnie said...

Oh LB, It's so gorgeous. You are so talented. Dude.