Friday, March 20, 2009

chairs and festivity overload.

Hello! The chairs are done, all four. Phew. Pictures are up on flickr, but I'll try to post about them here soon, and talk a little about the process, etc.
This week has been busy! Finishing up chairs (big, big thanks to certain amazing people who watched my kids while I did that), and also preparing for S's birthday. We agreed to skip a party this year, because we are taking a trip to Chicago. I still wanted to get together with family, though. We did that on Tuesday, over a relaxed dinner at Monical's. That was so easy and pleasant. I forgot my camera, though. Can someone please send me pictures?
This morning I had streamers hanging from his doorframe and the birthday ring was all set up when he came downstairs, candles lit and presents in a tidy pile. I made oatmeal chocolate chip pancakes while he opened gifts. We got him a stack of books and a cd, and he was excited about most of them. We're going to K-Mart later today so he can spend his birthday money on an actual toy.Tonight we will have friends for dinner, and tomorrow we head to Chicago to see Sue at the Field Museum. It will be his first time and mine too! Should be great fun.

I'll be back here soon. Happy weekend, everyone.


Banana Mama said...

Happy Birthday Simon! I hope you all enjoy that dinosaur.

Colin said...

Happy birthday to the coolest kid in town!
Great to see you guys this weekend, give both of the boys a hug from me!