Tuesday, March 24, 2009

chair recap.

I thought I would just rewind a minute and tell you about the chairs I just finished, since I was too rushed to write about them at the time. They were all delivered on Sunday, and I feel relieved. That was a frantic dash to the deadline. Procrastination was not my friend in that instance.
The first chair I did was a peace chair. The clients had bought two chairs from me when I did the bazaar at Wellington Avenue Church 2 Decembers ago. They have a third grandson now, and wanted a third chair. My flickr account came in very handy for this order. I just emailed them a link to my chairs set and asked them to either choose a design or get back to me with ideas for a custom (new) design. They wanted the peace chair with the John Lennon lyrics. Easy peasy. No name on this chair. Since the brothers' chairs were purchased at the bazaar, they weren't personalized, and grandparents understand that things should remain as fair as possible between siblings.
If we are friends on facebook, you may have seen this already. But if you click here, you can listen to a song Nate once wrote for me. I loved it then, I love it still, just like the guy who sang all those harmonies for me.
Also, if you click more videos by MaiasauraMade, there might be a few you haven't seen yet. T saying "Aww, no fair," comes to mind. That was his favorite phrase for about 2 weeks, I think we're past it now. Also, I posted the video called 'gym moves' on facebook, but grandparents might want to take a look. Pretty funny stuff.

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