Saturday, March 28, 2009

brady's chair and weekend blahs.

My friend Amy ordered chairs for both of her kids. Brady is 2, born shortly after my sweet T. It was important to Amy that the chairs represent her kids' interests at this time in their lives. When I asked her what Brady was into, she said, "Well, he really likes all things round." Huh. Okay, I thought... is this kid like a design-minded genius? My mind was racing with abstract patterns full of circles. Then I realized he is 2 and that he probably loves balls. After probing Amy a bit more, my hunch was confirmed. The kid loves sports and balls of all kinds. Poor mom wanted to honor his interests, but didn't really want a sports-themed chair floating about her house. I totally get that.

So the task here was basically to include some sporty images without making the whole chair overwhelmingly sports-themed. I don't know why, but my mind immediately jumped to the solar system. There were lots of great illustrations of the solar system online. I settled on this one and recreated it with various papers.
This chair was a lot different than others I have done. I think this is the first time I've done a big rectangular collage piece and just glued the whole darn thing on the seat. Usually the images are more free-floating, if that makes any sense. I liked the result, though.
Amy liked the chair too. She's saving it for his birthday in the fall. She did tell me, though, that she was pleased with the solar system incorporation. At Brady's Montessori school in Chicago, all the classrooms are named after planets. Happy coincidence.

It's rainy and cold this weekend. The boys are both mildly sick and we are taking it easy. I feel cooped up. I don't know what has changed for me, but I used to really enjoy a weekend in like this. It used to feel cozy and precious in some way. Now I am so bored and antsy if we don't see anyone else over the weekend. I want to go out, but every outing costs money. I want to see friends or family, but don't have the energy/foresight to make plans. Also, having sick boys makes hanging out with other people seem like a bad idea. I am just waiting and waiting for nice weather. Once we can get outside, I feel like these weekend blahs will leave me. Until then, Saturday = ick.

Come on, winter, it's the end of March already. Don't you think you've held on long enough? Let's get on with it!!

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I can't wait to try! Thanks for posting! -Laura K