Thursday, February 19, 2009

peeking in...

Hello, there. Just a few things. I'm going to keep this short, hopefully, since there are loads of other things I should be working on instead.

-Last weekend some friends from Chicago came for a visit. We had so much fun. I can't even say how much I appreciate people driving all the way down here. It seems like a lot to ask, especially when not everyone owns a car. Pictures are here on flickr. I think many of you have already seen them. One thing making me happy lately is the fact that after a hugely enjoyable session of Rock Band with our Chicago friends, I immediately thought, "We need to do that with so and so [local friends]!" I miss Chicago folks and wish we could see them more. But I feel like we are finding our place here, wiggling our way into a great community of people. Leaving Chicago has been a bittersweet experience; finding good friends down here definitely ups the sweetness quotient. All that to say, I sense more Rock Band on the horizon. And thank you again, dear visitors. We loved having you all in our home.

-Simone introduced me to the Fail Blog and it has had me doubled over and in tears on several occasions.

-These are the Valentines that S gave to his classmates. Last year I designated two nights to him signing his name on Valentines, and ended up forging his signature on over half of them. What can I say? The boy is not fond of writing. This year I learned from my mistake and spread out the making and signing of the Valentines over two weeks. He was proud to hand these out to his friends.

-So, I currently have orders for four chairs from people who live in Chicago. And we happen to be going to Chicago in late March for S's birthday. Thus, I feel I should have these chairs finished and ready for delivery by then. These orders have been nagging at me for months, and now I have less than four weeks to get them all done. Fun times. This feat of productivity may require another break from the blog. I think I've got it down now. If only I could master the self-imposed Facebook-hiatus, I'd be set.

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Simone said...

We had such a wonderful visit. I am glad to hear that we have started RockBand fever for back with pictures!

I appreciate that Simon is going with the conceptual Valentine: doily robot sucker argyle. How could any ready-made Valentine say it better than that?