Wednesday, February 11, 2009

craft room love.

On Saturday my family came over to help me transform my craft room, painting, organizing, assembling IKEA furniture, etc. It was my Christmas gift. It was Nate's too, but he very generously handed it over. Work day gifts. Brilliant. I recommend this idea to your family. My studio has reached its full potential now. Every supply is ready, at my fingertips. My new desks give me oodles of surface on which to work. I am in love with this room. I haven't had a minute to sit down in there and make anything, but just the fact that it's ready, waiting for me, ready when I'm ready, is making me very happy. I just peek my head in there sometimes and smile. Love love love love. Pop over to my flickr page to see more pics of my fantastic space.

T is quite sick. We just returned from the doctor. Ear infection and generally nasty cold. We are both pretty tired. Hopefully these antibiotics can set him right in a snap.

This blog break has been a lot more successful than my post-election break, huh? I'll have a few more projects to show you when I return. Til then...
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Megan said...

what a nice family project. It looks great!

Kelly Annabella said...

you= bad ass!

i hope theo feels better soon!

Banana Mama said...

I love your room! I also am a fan of Clementine boxes and believe them to be perfect as is. Congrats on the craft room. I can't wait to see what comes out of there.

Anna said...

I'm so jealous of your craft room!