Sunday, January 11, 2009

Well, the thing I've been dreading is finally here. Nate is leaving this morning on a business trip, and I'll be left alone here with two cabin-fever-crazy boys. I'm trying not to be too worried about it. It's not long, after all... He'll only be gone two nights, and for one of those nights the boys will be farmed out so that I can maintain my regular church group/gym schedule (thanks again, Deb). So it should go by quickly. It's just a bummer to know that my 5 pm cavalry won't walk through the door each evening. I once watched a Super Nanny episode where the husband got home from work and then disappeared upstairs for hours, just watching tv and unwinding, as he called it. My jaw was slack while watching this. I cannot imagine living that way. I need relief as soon as Nate walks in, and he has always been great about letting me take that break, sometimes for the rest of the night.

While he's gone I have a goal to keep the tv off and use my evenings alone to work on a few projects that have been hanging around for far too long.

Two quick things to show and tell:
First, new poster finally framed and up above the computer desk in the kitchen. I've loved these Keep Calm posters since they started making the rounds on my design blogs, probably a year ago. It feels almost trendy now, but I still love it, so up it goes. You can read about the history of the poster here. Nate says it's weird to have a piece of war propaganda hanging in our house, as we are a peace-loving family in most cases. I can see his point. Still, I love the simple graphic look of the poster, and I find the slogan most helpful in my everyday parenting life. I really do.

Next, look at my new birthday ring! Isn't she pretty? I've had my eye on one of these for a while, and for Christmas my mom very kindly obliged. It's basically just a decoration to be taken out for birthdays and other special occasions. Each spot on the ring can be filled with a little wooden ornament or a candle, arranged as you please. Same goes for the little holder in the center of the ring. I want to let the boys pick the pieces we use for each celebration. On Saturday we celebrated my mother-in-law's birthday, so we set up the ring with some favorite pictures of her and all the prettiest little pieces we have. Candle in the middle, rum cake made by Nate, and wa-la! Instantly beautiful party. In my opinion, at any rate.

I'm too lazy to hunt the picture for this post, but I have one more big show and tell. We got new chairs for Christmas! I love them. Click on my flickr icon to the right and check them out, if you're interested.

That's all for now.


Megan said...

That ring is such a cute idea. I have been keeping my eye out for a little sign for our house. Just something that reminds me to take a deep breath on the hard days. Your poster looks nice.

Banana Mama said...

I need that poster! Where did you get it.

Maiasaura said...

Thanks, ladies. Janna, you have a few options for purchasing the poster. A website called sells all kind of merchandise based on this design. There are also a handful of etsy sellers offering them. Just do a search for "keep calm" on etsy and you'll see. I bought mine on etsy from sfgirlbybay for $25, I think. She offers a variety of nice colors. It was hard to pick, but I went with the red to match my new-ish red chair.

Laura said...

Thanks for the really kind note, it made my day:) By the way, love your bday ring...
Keep up the good work, Mama!