Sunday, January 4, 2009

we'll take a cup o'kindness yet

Happy New Year, everyone! Tomorrow morning my men return to work and school, T and I to our regular gym and housework schedule. Our break has been busy and wonderful. I can't do a proper recap of everything that happened... but I'll try to share little snippets here and there.

Tonight I wanted to show you a few of the sort-of handmade gifts we gave.
First off, S made these bracelets for the ladies in his life. The lucky recipients were his teacher, one aunt (I feel a little bad about that, but we ran out of time), and both grandmas.
We discovered his love of stringing beads on Thanksgiving at my parents' house. There was an incident involving the Wii. He wanted to play but was getting wildly (and loudly) frustrated with the game, so we decided it was time for him to stop. This mandate sent him into a heartbroken flurry of tears and foot-stomping. I took him up to my old room to help him calm down. Nothing I suggested could make him stop crying. Ten or fifteen minutes passed, which parents know is a long time to listen to whining/crying/begging. Finally he agreed to make a necklace with some of my old beads. As he strung them into a long strand, I watched his mood completely transform. He was so proud of what he was doing, so interested in the variety of the beads, and content to work on the project for quite a long time. It was an amazing example of therapeutic crafting.So anyway, that's how I decided beaded bracelets would be a perfect gift for him to make. I helped him to secure the ends. Other than that, each bracelet was completely his own creation. He used a Scrabble tile ledge to put the beads in order before putting them on the cord. He was so excited to give these away, and of course the giftees loved them.

Next, a really simple thing, I got my three nieces each a little purse, and each purse held some stickers and a book. The books were from Target and had the word "Journal" on the front. Since they'll probably be used more as doodle/sticker books, I wanted to cover that word. Stickers, paper, and ModPodge were all I used to personalize their books. I thought the result was very unfussy and cute.

Lastly, I bought S some drawing books by Ed Emberley for Christmas. He has a really cool series of books that simplify drawing by breaking images down into shapes. My idea is for S and I to practice our drawing during T's rest time, on the days when T is cooperative. I bought a sketchbook for each of us, but the covers were ugly and generic. I made a quick collage for each cover. Now we each have a special book in which to practice our drawing. S likes them.That's all for tonight. I'll try to be back here soon. Wish us luck as we merge back into normal life.


Megan said...

Love all the gift projects. I will have to remember a few of those for the future. So crafty!

Megan said...

Where do you get your beads? I am thinking ahead and tossing around the idea of some Mother's day gifts. But don't want to spend a fortune. Any tips?

Maiasaura said...

Thanks, Megan. I got my beads at Joanne Fabric, I think. They are sold at any craft store. The beads I got came in a big bag, a couple pounds for $7, I think? I don't remember exactly. They were definitely some of the cheaper beads, though. If you get the little packets of 4 or 5 beads, it really adds up. The other supplies I bought were jelly cord (stretchy clear string), a package of crimp beads/tubes (you pinch them together with skinny pliers to hold the ends in place), and a package of cheap toggle clasps. I'm not sure how much it added up to be all together, but if Mia makes several bracelets I think it's a fairly thrifty project. Good luck, and be sure to show off your results!

Angela said...

Just caught p on about 6 posts. I get out of touch when we're in the UK or US. Loved everything and you guys so much :) Such good bloggin' and parenting/crafting ideas.

PS - Received our cookbook. Sweeb.