Monday, January 26, 2009

gifts for baby ellen.

Hi, there. I am trying to take a break from the computer for the next few weeks. Before I go, I wanted to show you a couple of things I made for our friends' daughter, Ellen, who turned one this weekend.

I made this little embroidery in two days, a record for me. Though its different sections could have been lined up and straightened more perfectly, I'm ignoring that and choosing to be happy with the finished piece.

I also grabbed this nondescript pink hoodie for $5 at WalMart and made it awesome by doing some freezer paper stencils. A simple E on the front, and an alien scene on the back. S drew the happy alien and three planets, and I used his drawing to make a stencil and paint the image on the sweatshirt. I think it is so cute, our friends loved it, and S felt proud of his contribution. Winners all around.


Megan said...

Did you just paint that E on there? Looks great! Love the tree and birds too! Good luck staying off this place for a while

Anna said...

Cute stuff!!!
I love your tree embroidery!

mandy said...

it's gorgeous! i'm excited to try the stenciling soon. you are very talented.

sarah hedman said...

auuuuugggghhh! i love that embroidery!!! I am almost hoping i have another girl just so i can guilt you into making me one of these!!! you are so talented!

Angela said...

Ditto what everyone has. Will miss your bloggin' but I'm sure you'll have lot to tell when you return :)

Victoria said...

I fall for the embroidery idea. If you don´t mind i give it a try.
PD:Love the alien draw.