Tuesday, December 16, 2008

why can't i be a bear?

Pictures above are of a muddy outing to the playground last week, and of S doing a little crafting.

The snow is really coming down as I write. It looks beautiful, but the roads are slippery and I'm happy to be home. During winter all I want to do is stay home and watch tv/read/craft under a blanket. Unfortunately these two dudes maintain their same energy level year-round, while mine dives to that of a hibernating bear for this season. It is so hard for me to walk around, cold, and get things done during the day. So not a lot gets done. But I think it's enough. We are still eating off clean dishes and wearing clean clothes, so I consider us in good shape.

Nate and I are re-watching 30 Rock episodes. Last night we saw the one where Tracy enlists Frank and Toofer to write his biography. He mentions that one summer he made a Christmas album and then sings this song:
Imagine Christmas wishes, shooting out of your eyes.
A candy cake full of snow dreams,
A stocking full of smiles.
It's a Jordan Christmas!

Then Frank goes, "Oh, I remember that. That video was really raunchy."
That made me laugh. And then I immediately decided I have to do an embroidery project based on the lyrics of this song, possibly only the first line. It will be a Christmas decoration. And it will be perfect. So look for that in about five years.

The advent boxes informed me we are down to single-digits. Nine days to go. I am nearly ready... just a few more things to wrap. What about you guys?
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Anonymous said...


Im nowhere near finished with xmas preparations. I couldnt find that tracy jordan song on youtube so here's a somewhat unseasonable one that makes me happy.
love- paul


Megan said...

I still have shopping to do and I am not letting myself wrap until I am done shopping. Good for you though!

mandy said...

i love that show! what a great idea for a decoration. i, too, have my blanket and soft chair i want to stay in all winter.