Wednesday, December 24, 2008

soda shoppe brothers on christmas eve.

S got to wear his fancy outfit once again when he took part in the pageant at church on Sunday. He provided a very nice sheep sound effect for the nativity story.
As we came in we were instructed to take a few ornaments, and during the service there were designated moments for congregants to put them on the tree. The ornament we happened to grab made us chuckle. Thanks for the laugh, anonymous UU teenager.
This morning is a busy one in our house. Today we celebrate with Nate's family, tomorrow with mine. We are wrapping gifts and making some last minute goodies and dancing to some Christmas reggae.

S got this cup from a teacher at school and used it for the first time this morning. T, of course, demanded a red Christmas cup and was upset when we didn't have another one. S very kindly offered to share his cup. How's that for Christmas spirit? Beautiful.

Moments later they were fighting on our bed and T sustained a bloody scratch millimeters away from his eye. Sigh.
I hope everyone has a wonderful couple of days. Keep warm and cheery.
All my love to all of you. xo

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