Friday, December 5, 2008

sick day.

S is home sick from school. He has flu-like symptoms... achy joints, fever, and yucky tummy feelings. So far no puking, and I'm hoping we can continue that trend. We are relaxing in front of the tv, which is the only reasonable thing to do when sick, according to S and his dad. That is our plan for today.

These pictures were from Sunday, when we had our Thanksgiving meal with Nate's family. Daddy and Grandpa braved the cold to take the boys out for sledding and snowman making. I appreciated that. Thank you, gentlemen.
I put my boots on for about five minutes to take these pictures.
We got our first real tree this year! We shopped the bargain section of the tree farm and as a result our tree is a little wonky. But it's still lovely. We are enjoying it. Except for that first night when it fell down, fully decorated. That wasn't enjoyable at all. Thankfully the boys were in bed when it happened. We got the mess cleaned up and the tree stabalized, we think. So far, so good.

New furniture!!! The desk and chair are from Inmod. I looked all over the internet for a simple, modern white desk that was the right size for our nook. And I have wanted one of these Eiffel chairs for a long time. I love them together. Love, love. The wood lamp was purchased for $10 at a garage sale. The lampshade is from Target. I adore the natural element (wood lamp) on the sleek desk. This looks just how I pictured it in my mind. I love when that happens!I'm so happy with this little spot now. The advent calendar boxes are above the desk currently, but after Christmas there will be some new art hanging. This area represents my attempt to bring some modern design into the house... Our kitchen is not modern. I don't know the word for it, really. It's kind of country, I guess. Pretty traditional. Shaker, maybe? I don't know. I like the style of my kitchen, but I want to bring in some more modern elements, too. That's my goal for the whole house, actually. Older pieces and modern pieces living together in harmony. I like the mix.

I'm really itching to work on the house right now. I bought paint for the craft room. It's sitting there, it's ready and waiting for me to find time to put it on the walls. So that's the issue, as ever, finding time. I want to finish my Christmas projects first (cookbook, shopping, wrapping) before I tackle house projects. Just hafta keep chipping away... For now, I'm dreaming and planning. Speaking of dreaming, I have absolutely fallen in love with this wallpaper. I must have it, I will have it. I don't know when I'll have it, but I aim to have it sometime. One wall in the kitchen, and the hallway. Oooooo. I want those grey birds.

S's class had a holiday program on Tuesday. It was fun, it was cute. The auditorium was dark and we were way back so I didn't even try to take pictures or video of the actual performance. Highlights: a handful of family members met at our house for a simple but delicious supper of salad, bread, and lasagna. Once he finished eating, S donned his program finery. It cracked me up to see his grandparents fawning and fussing over him, getting him ready. With his input, they made decisions about how to comb his hair, what color socks to wear, to tuck or not to tuck, and whether or not to button the jacket. The funny thing was that he ate it up. He was totally into the whole process, which was exactly opposite of what I expected. It was wonderful. To me it really felt like an it-takes-a-village moment.
The other great part of the night was T's reaction to the program as an audience member. He was very excited and engaged. After each song S's class sang he would offer loud compliments, "Good job, S!" or (my favorite), "Thank you, S!" Nothing is sweeter than an adoring little brother.
He made this face for about 85% of the pictures we took that night. Slack-jaw is his new silly face. I don't get it.


sarah hedman said...

i can't quite get over that wall paper. It is soooo cool. I especially liked the turqoiseish bluish color. so so cool.

Angela said...

A - Wallpaper! So good. So good.

B - Yeaaaaah Holidays!

Jay M. said...

Simon is quickly turning into a grown-up little man. wow.

Melissa25 said...
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