Saturday, November 22, 2008


We had a great time in Chicago. If we missed you, I am sorry. It was a bit of a whirlwind trip, with most of Saturday being devoted to the wedding. Next time, I hope!

On Friday night our hosts threw a party. It was half birthday party for their friend, half opportunity for Nate and Paul to dj together. I had fun, but the late hour was way outside of my comfort zone. I did okay, enjoyed myself until around midnight, then hit a wall to beat all walls. I didn't want to go to bed (could I have slept anyway, with music at that volume?), but I didn't want to talk to anyone either, for fear I'd say something completely incoherent. So I stood by Nate while he played music and worried that people would think me unfriendly. I leaned my head on the wall and closed my eyes from time to time. A little later I got my second wind and danced a little bit, warming up for the wedding. This may have been the first time I danced in public since my eighth grade graduation dance.

Saturday we made it to the wedding five minutes late, but about one minute before the processional started (traffic!). The ceremony was lovely, the reception extravagant and fun. I danced more. I drank mysterious drinks. This was the first time I ever drank more than a sip of an alcoholic drink. I told the bartender about my inexperience and asked him to make me something mild and tasty. "Pick a color," he said. Thus my pink mystery-drink. I need to learn the names of a few sweet drinks I like, for these occassions. It was a little embarrassing to request a drink by crayola shade or general flavor (when I said "something citrus-y" I'm pretty sure I saw the bartender roll his eyes).

After the reception we stayed up late at the hotel with friends. This time I wasn't so tired. I talked some, but I mostly listened and laughed. It's so nice to have these friends, even if we see them far too little.

In the morning we had to leave before everyone else... we headed back into the city to deliver my chair orders. They were all very well received, and the money from those chairs was used right away to purchase a desk and chair for a nook in the kitchen. I love buying grown up furniture for our house. I'll show you as soon as it gets here.

When we came home it was great to see the boys. Almost as great was to see that our ocean of leaves in the backyard had been raked, blown, and scooped into 20+ bags! Thank you so much, Jim and Deb. That was a HUGE weight off our backs.


This week I've been taking it easy. Now that the chairs are done, the pressure is off. I've been working on some Thanksgiving crafts. After our Halloween spectacle got cleaned up, our remaining fall decorations were underwhelming.

I made this sign with S, using quinoa and dried beans. Idea was here originally, but I saw it on One Pretty Thing, a blog that provides the wonderful service of scouring the internet for cute craft ideas and putting them all in one place. Who is the saintly woman who pulls it all together? I have no idea, but I love her dearly. What a fantastic resource.
I just today finished putting together this interactive decoration. The template was supplied on this blog. I found it via The Crafty Crow. The idea is pretty simple. A tree for Thanks, a tree for Giving. Leaves on the Thanks tree list things for which we are grateful, while leaves on the Giving tree list small kindnesses we have done that day. This could be anything from donating coins to the Salvation Army to starting a fire for us (thank you, Nate) to sharing with your brother. We'll add more leaves to these during this week, and maybe we'll even leave them up beyond Thanksgiving. It was pretty quick to put this together, and I think it looks great. The frames are from my stash of thrifted frames. I can't wait to see the trees fill up. We certainly have plenty to be thankful for, and I hope we can make an extra effort to put some kindness out into the world so we can add to our Giving tree.


On Thursday we had a busy day planned. I had a class at the gym, a playdate scheduled immediately after school, and friends coming to dinner. I was so proud of myself for pulling together a crock pot soup before picking up S from school. I threw the last ingredients into the pot in the nick of time, turned the switch to low, took T to the car, then dashed back in to double-check I had turned the crock pot on. Okay, all clear. We went ahead to get S and visit our friends for a pleasant afternoon.

When we returned home, I immediately noticed the lack of heady jerk-chicken aroma that should have been permeating the house. I ran to the crock pot to discover that I HADN'T PLUGGED IT IN. I let out a noise, a wounded, furious noise. Nate ran from somewhere else in the house, thinking one of the boys had been hit by a car. He was less impressed with the weight of the situation than I was. I could not get over this mistake. I just couldn't believe it. I managed to replicate a 45-minute version of the stew I was making, and all was well. But, oh, how that moment of discovery will haunt me.


At Target the other day, S saw a bra with some holiday motif, red with white snowflakes, perhaps. He loudly guffawed, "What, Christmas boobies?!"


This video is on repeat in our house this week. The other videos by this dude are pretty good too. Boogie Woogie Hedgehog and Cat Flushing a Toilet are also worth checking out, especially for the younger set.


We finally watched Wall E. It was so clever and cool, and I don't mind admitting that I cried over a robot love story.



Anna said...

haha, Christmas boobies!

You're extent of drinking sounds like mine...though i used to drink several years ago - I always asked for whatever was fruity enough to not taste the alcohol! In the past 3-4 years I've only had peppermint schnapps in hot chocolate around Christmas time - so I'm about due for my one beverage a year!

kelly ann said...

i LOVE the thanksgiving frames. they look great.

also, i'm still pretty impressed by the success of your unsuccessful dinner!

thanks again for the wonderful night!

Cass said...

It was great to see you at the wedding and the couple days around it. (I loved Wall E too!)

mandy said...

how as wall-e?could we handle it?
i love your thanksgiving crafts!

Jay M. said...

The ThanksGiving trees look great, and it's a wonderful idea! It was really good to see you guys over the weekend, and I'm looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Christmas boobies. That's hilarious. said...

Aww, thanks SO much for the glowing mention! You words totally made my day!

I'm in LOVE with your Gobble, Gobble!

Tonya said...

Holy cow the hamster video had me laughing SO hard, but then I was so worried for him at the end and gasped when I thought he'd fallen off, ha ha ha!!!

I LOVE the Thanksgiving tree, oh if only I was crafty. :)

Simone said...

So glad you saw Wall-E - now you can appreciate the costume I was telling you about!