Wednesday, November 5, 2008

not over. just beginning.

My uncle sent this picture from a victory celebration in Durango, Colorado. He is on the far right, black fleece, bald head. He was looking at his phone having just received a call from his son in NYC, he said.

Wow. What a night. We knew going in that our chances were good, but I still had little moments of panic. What if the polls were wrong? What if there is 2000 -(and some might say 2004-)style cheating? Ack! It was nerve-wracking. So I am relieved to say the least. Relieved. Excited. Proud. Jubilant.

My heart was full to overflowing as I watched the footage of the crowds in Grant Park. If only we still lived in Chicago! Tragic. Several of our friends were in attendance. I was happy for them, albeit wildly jealous. Can't wait for them to update their blogs in full detail.
S picked this shirt out for himself unprompted and I thought it was weirdly appropriate for the day. He accompanied me to the polls and basically stole my sticker.

"Yea, Barack!!"

I know I have been pretty outspoken about my position on this race here on this blog. The funny thing is, in real life I am fairly private about the matter. We don't have a yard sign. We don't own any Obama shirts or buttons. A face to face conversation about politics is something I'd go to great lengths to avoid. Unless, of course, I knew that the person agreed with me. Then it would be okay. Otherwise I feel extremely uncomfortable talking about how and why I disagree with people. Yet, here is this candidate I have loved with a true and deep love, and that enthusiasm had to find a release somewhere. Thus all the Obamariffic links and videos I have posted during the course of this campaign. If you are a visitor to my blog who happens to have supported McCain, I'm sorry if I've seemed arrogant. Like I said, the ol' blog is the only release valve for my Obama fever. I've voted in a presidential election three times now, and this is the first time I was passionately in favor of the man for whom I voted. So, yeah, it was exciting. And I just had to blog about it.

Now that the election is over, I'm even more excited to see where this brilliant individual, and the team he selects, can take us. This is the end of the campaign, but just the beginning of a new era of hope and change. I sound like a commercial, I know, but I honestly believe this and feel it at my core.

In honor of this historic event, I'm taking a little blog break. Hopefully, when I come back I'll have a few completed projects to show and tell.



Colin said...

you guys were with us in grant park in spirit, I think ---- I'm glad you're holding down the Dem spirit for us in Central IL.

And that's a rad shirt Simon's sporting, very cool.

Bonnie said...
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Tonya said...

I read your comment on Bonnie's latest blog so I had to come see what you had to say and let me just say WELL SAID!! You said perfectly everything I have been feeling and thinking, even right down to not being one of those people with the yard signs and bumper stickers and avoiding political discussions with close family and friends since I know we didn't agree.

What a historic night it was and I can't wait to see what's next!

Maiasaura said...
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Angela said...

I also wondered about all the people who I'd heard on NPR saying, "Ill just be so scared if Obama wins."

Maiasaura said...

Thanks, Tonya. I'm glad you stopped by! It was an exciting night, wasn't it? It can be hard when you disagree with friends and family about something so huge and important. That's the case for me too! But I think we'll get back to normal life soon, and I am hoping Barack will bring us together more than we have been in the recent past. Yet another reason to love him is that he strives to unite people of different walks of life. I really hope we can come together during this hard time in America. I think we really need to.

Tonya said...

Exciting for sure! I just wrote my own little side note about it on my own blog so we can look back on it for years to come! I agree, I think he will do a wonderful job of uniting us as a country, which we need so badly!

Bonnie said...
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Xteener said...

OK, I've been lurking around reading the dialogue between you and Bonnie and let me just say, I am so glad that you guys can work this out because you have been friends forever! Second, I think it's wonderful that two intelligent women can have such polar, political views and remain friends. Third, I think, no matter how the election turned out for you (you = all of you) we should all feel a sense of hope that a change is in our future. No matter what.