Saturday, November 1, 2008

classic times, crazy days.

Halloween is over, and I feel relieved. We had a fun day and evening, but I'm ready for a break. All that's left to do is take down the ridiculous amount of decorations throughout the house. It took me several days to put them up, so I expect it will take me about a week to get them all put away. After trick-or-treating and dropping the boys off with grandparents for a sleep over, Nate and I had a fun night out, watching a friend's band play at a P-town bar while sporting our McCain/Palin costumes. Good times. More pictures here, if you are interested (including some other attendees' awesome costumes). I definitely want to try to go out on Halloween from now on.

Illinois residents: how about this weather, huh? I am exhausted right now, at 7 pm, because we were outside for so many hours today. All that fresh air can be tiring. But we are trying to soak it in, savor it, lap it up, etc. before the season of darkness and death is upon us. I'm dreading winter this year, very much. The thought of spending winter inside with these two rambunctious boys is enough to put my hair on end. Anyway, I hope you are enjoying this gorgeous weekend too, wherever you are.


Megan said...

I am loving this weather! Can we please keep it a bit longer, lke maybe until April or so? The boys looked good.

Colin said...

you guys all look awesome!

And rockin' the Palin in central IL the way you did is, by the way, much cooler than those who rocked it in hipster areas of Chicago.
Mad props to you, Laura

Angela said...

I've been loving your Halloween blogging. Made me realize I really like it as a holiday and want to share it with Lil. All your blogging made me go to that Americans abroad Halloween party with her at the Hard Rock Cafe here. A nice preview to how much more we'll celebrate it next year when Lil's a little older.

Also, can you believe Obama will be elected president tomorow??? I spontaneous danced like 3 times today while cooking, alone, without music playing.

Maiasaura said...

angela!!! i've been doing the stateside version of the same music-less dance all week. today, though, i did find some music. see all nov 4 blog posts. i can't believe it's finally here. phew. and woo-hoo.