Thursday, November 6, 2008

breaking my word.

oh, no! i can't stay away! just popping in to say a few things:
1. i still love fall and a mom can never have enough pictures of her beautiful boys surrounded by beautiful leaves.
2. this morning as i was choosing colors from my paint stash to work on a chair order, i knocked over a full gallon of paint and there is now pretty pale blue paint all over the garage floor, one gym shoe, and one pant leg. moments like this make me really regret all the times i've freaked out because of messes the boys have made. clearly, i'm quite capable of making enormous messes myself.
3. a couple of links that i found interesting/entertaining. political in nature. feel free to ignore.
The Odd Truths About Sarah Palin I: Saks Appeal
The Odd Truths About Sarah Palin II: Africa is a Country
Congratulations, Dr. Ann (referring to Obama's mother)
now, seriously, blog break. after which i will try my darndest to write a craft blog again.


Jay M. said...

If you feel like cranking out a quick update now and then, I don't think you should take a full-on break!

Especially if you're sticking up a few amazing fall photos. I mean, look at those faces!

See you guys soon!

Megan said...

I can't stay away either! Now back to work.

Angela said...

You take such good photos. Oli says so, too.

Megan said...

Ok, so i saw your mom and sister at IGA tonight but was in a super hurry to get to my gpa's bday party. Anyways next time you talk to them tell them Hello and thanks for letting me go in front of them in line.

Lori said...

enjoy your break :^)h