Thursday, October 2, 2008

thursday. words and random pictures.

- Wake up with sore throat. Don't usually have tea in the morning, but ask Nate to make extra for me. Intend to add honey, but forget and add sugar instead. Still feels good going down.

-Head downstairs to turn on dryer and grab glitter spray paint.

-Spray glitter paint on some halloween decorations in the garage, a project continued from yesterday.

-Browse flickr. Leave complimentary comments.

-Fold load of laundry, now dry.

-Get myself and the boys dressed and fed. Not nearly so simple as it sounds.

-Drop S at school. Give him 'secret kiss' in palm of hand which he then closes tightly and says, "I won't lose it." Not sure how this started, but it's part of our daily routine now.

-Head to gym for cardioboxing class. Do not kill it. Am killed by it. It is my serious conviction that no person should ever be subjected to plyometrics unless they are training for Olympic level competition.

-Register to vote. Cutting it a little close! Only 6 days left, people.

-Hop in shower while T has a snack.

-Grandma Debbie arrives. Together, pick up S from school, go out to lunch.

-Shop Lowe's and Wal-Mart for robot parts. More on this later.

-Back home. Take the boys upstairs for rest time. Try to work on a bookshelf decoupage project for a good spell. The boys can't even give me an hour of rest time today.


-Release boys from the apparent prison that is rest time. Put away basket of laundry.

-Online time-wasting while boys color. Try to avoid torturing myself by looking for things we can't afford on craigslist. Epic fail.

-Take a walk with boys.

-Come home, greet Nate, commence leaf rubbing project, using the leaves we collected on our walk.

-Look up from addictive leaf-rubbing activity, notice time. Decide to forgo the new recipe planned for tonight. Will do a left-over/scrounging type of dinner instead.

-Take note of lots of people milling around in front of our house. Determine there must be a parade scheduled. Encourage boys to finish dinner (and homework, in S's case) so we can go outside to see.

-Homecoming parade viewing. Candy collecting. Some candy eating.

-Back inside. Struggle through the rest of S's homework. Send boys up for bath.

-Tidy up the house. Getting pumped for vp debate. Invited some friends; hoping they can come over and watch with us.


Mama Niccicoco said...

Busy day mama! Mine was sort of similar, but it included a trip to the dentist for both boys, and there was no parade...(: Cute photos, BTW.

another thing we share, my boys ALSO have a grandma debbie.

Hope we are still on for Halloween, I know we have like 29 days...but I think the kids would have a blast (and we would too!)
We should do coffee or something before Halloween! I think I misplaced your card....

Angela said...

Nice mama recap. I've been a really grouchy grump lately due to the madcap pace of our days despite my lack of work, having only one child, and the fact that that child attends schools 3.5 hours a day. I feel like I wake up at 7:30 and move quickly forward through the day until it's suddenly 8 or 9 and Lily goes to bed. Way to manage those kids and still have fun, Maiasaura.

Megan said...

Love reading about someone else's day. Some days, well most, I feel like I am busy busy and don't have a lot to show for it at the end of the day. Well guess you win some an lose some.