Tuesday, October 21, 2008

three for fall.

I have been busy lately. Like, overwhelmed, frustrated, frazzled busy. There are lots of reasons to dislike this state of busyness... the anxiety, the piles of to-do lists, the running late everywhere because I tried to do one more thing before leaving the house, the knot of tension in my chest. The thing I hate most about being so busy, though is that it distracts me from what I want to be, from what I should be doing.
Here we are in fall, Glorious Fall, and I have (too) many days found myself so consumed with my list of tasks that I do not take the boys out to play once. My head is down, focused on my goal, then I look up and the day is over and I realize the boys were inside, bored and stir-crazy, all day.
Today I vowed to make up for lost autumn playtime. I packed a picnic and we headed for the woods straight after picking up S from school.
The forest was golden with sunshine and fallen leaves, and I was so, so glad I had looked up from my list.


Angela said...

A) Totally relate to that horrible feeling that the stuff I have to do keeps me from enjoying my kid and from making her happy. Glad you three got a day of togetherness.

B) How much is Simon making Nate faces in those corn maze photos?! That's Nate's amused/scoffing face.

C) Love that bookshelf you decorated and the way you described the mental creative process. Your intentions shine through the finished product.

Megan said...

Your boys are so cute!