Sunday, October 26, 2008

robot costume: glory or disaster?

front. the pumpkins will blink and there are white christmas lights on both sides.
world's most adorable costume model
Here are some pics of the robot costume. It is ready. I am very worried about it's weight, however. It's pretty heavy and cumbersome. I'm concerned he'll wear it for 10 minutes, beg to take it off, then fall apart when he realizes taking it off will mean he has no costume. I'm hoping the excitement of wearing a bunch of blinking lights will be enough to help him power through. I'll let you know what happens.

Also, here are our pumpkins. Grandma Deb carved the boys' pumpkins for us, as is our tradition so far. S picked a trick-or-treating goblin, and T chose a cat face. Cute. I made the mouse motel (idea via Martha Stewart). S absolutely loves it. He will spend 15 minutes quietly rearranging the mice and rats. I think it looks so great. I will definitely save these mice/rats and do it again next year. But I'll use a regular pumpkin next time. This bumpy one looks cool, but was impossible to carve. Very solid. Wood-like, even. Don't ever try to carve one of these bumpy guys. That is my advice to you, my friends.

Nine days to go!!! Let's do it. I can't wait for it to get here. I feel like I'm holding my breath. But each day I get a little closer to breathing easy.


Bonnie said...

You're right about having the cutest robot model ever.

I love the jet pack, too!

And the mouse pumpkin grossed me out - which is the point I guess.

Megan said...

The robot looks awesome. Hope my costumes look like what they are suppose to be. Nice pumpkins too!

Banana Mama said...

I love the robot costume! You're that great parent that makes robot costumes. I love it.

Where did you get those mice? That pumpkin is great. I thought they were real at first.

mandy said...

I love the costume! Neat ideas for lights. Your post reminded me that I still need to carve pumpkins. Ugh.

Jay M. said...

Glory. Full-on, miniature cuteness robot glory.

And if the little guy really can't handle all that costume, I may know someone who would wear it proudly.

Maiasaura said...

Thank you for the robot love, guys! Good luck with all your own costume ventures.

Janna, the mice came from walmart and kroger, I think. We saw the idea in the magazine, and then I just kept my eye out for cheap mice. Since this picture was taken we've added even more rodents to the infestation.