Tuesday, October 14, 2008


S just emerged from another room and announced, "Six plus six is twelve!" This is not unusual. He's blurting math sentences pretty frequently now. But this was the first time he'd gone above a sum of ten.
"Want to know how I know all this two plus two stuff that I'm saying these days?"
"I use my fingers!!!"
"Okay, but how did you do twelve? You only have ten fingers."
He got excited at this point.
"WELL, I was sitting next to some pillows and I pretended the pillows were my fingers!"

I thought that was really cool. Does anyone know the proper name for the task his brain just performed? I don't. Unless it's called, "The Boy Genius Principle." Yeah, that sounds about right.
I think this is funny.
Today I had some moms over for a playdate. It was really nice to see some old faces (high school) in new roles (motherhood). We didn't get a ton of visiting done since we were forced to, you know, care for our children. But I still had a delightful afternoon. To the ladies who trekked to my house, thank you. Let's do it again sometime.


mandy said...

yes!!! again soon!! this sounds cheesy but i left feeling renewed. your boys are adorable.

Angela said...

Good post. Period.