Thursday, October 16, 2008

death by chocolate.

Today Nate turned 28 and my day was largely dedicated to making some special foods for our celebration.
:::ready to decorate:::
:::"mom, this is going to be suuuuuper good."::::::gazing, dreaming::::::from the top:::S helped me decorate this extravagant cake. I was inspired by cakes seen on this blog (one of my favorites). My helper got more and more excited as the quantity of candy spiraled out of control. I was becoming increasingly concerned about sending my entire family into a diabetic shock.
:::did you know our house is totally tricked out for halloween? look!:::
:::trying on his new jacket, laughing at the video games i picked out for him (should've just gone with a gift certificate):::Gifts for Nate included video games, a new jacket and sweater, and cool enough weather for him to finally start a fire in our wood stove downstairs. He's been chomping at the bit to try it.

:::t helped me cut up squash for our soup. he tried a bit raw, too:::
:::this is the most delicious soup ever. butternut squash, potatoes, leeks, cream. yum. also bread with melted gruyere cheese. it'll be in this year's cookbook, so look for it and TRY IT. for real.::::::happy birthday, dear daddy:::
:::everybody survived a small slice of cake:::

One last thing. One of my embroideries was featured on one of my favorite embroidery blogs, and I was extraordinarily flattered. Check it out.

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