Monday, September 22, 2008

stencil city.

While some people have been busy learning valuable skills, I spent the weekend perfecting my stenciling technique. I did five total, two each for the boys and one for myself.

For S:
Drum set.

Robot. The black paint I used here was kind of watery and didn't come out as dark as I expected. I was going to go over it with something more substantial, but then we decided the faded look was kind of cool.

For T:
Fishy. This waffley fabric was not ideal and required a lot of touch-ups. I used both the positive and negative sides of the stencil for this one, so it was a little more time consuming than the rest.

Astronaut. Added some embroidery just for fun.

The one I did for myself isn't worth photographing. The shirt was purple and I thought using purple paint would make for a nice subtle effect. I couldn't tell this until after it dried, but the paint was actually exactly the same color as the fabric, which made the design so subtle as to be invisible. Oh well.

All of the stencils I used came from They have a pretty decent selection. I have several projects that are far more pressing, but I can't seem to stop working on these stencils! I have more printed out and ready to go... I'll show you the results, of course.

Man, it never fails that when I start to develop a good workout routine, T's sleep habits go haywire and I am too exhausted to carry through with my grand fitness schemes. I got a gym membership for my birthday and have been loving the classes there this past week, especially kickboxing. Super fun! But, sure enough, this weekend T was waking up at crazy hours, like 1 am, 4 am... And it wasn't just a quick pat on the back that he needed. He was freaking out, ranting about needing to go to the kitchen, insisting it was time to get up, etc. I get him calmed down after some considerable effort, then go back to bed. Just when I am on the verge of falling back asleep, he starts up again. That is the killer. Three nights in a row this has been happening! Ugh. And to think that some days I want another baby. I must be crazy. Anyway, all this to say, I am tired today. But I'm still going to hit the gym a bunch this week. I just might be hitting the punching bag with a little less force.

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Megan said...

If you ever feel the need to do some 'girlie' stencils let me know. I actually think those might make cool bday/Christmas gifts. Boys & girls.