Saturday, August 30, 2008

There is a whole lot of quiet going on at our house this week, as we wait wait wait to see how a health scare for my brother in law will turn out. As I write this he is being prepped for surgery that will hopefully take care of a condition that came on suddenly. We are all hoping for the very best results.

One other thing: Nate and I just finished watching Generation Kill. Did anyone else watch it? It was supposed to be a very accurate portrayal of the first few weeks of the invasion of Iraq, based on a book by an embedded reporter. I thought the series was good, but when it was over I still had the same cloudy understanding of the war as a whole. Then last night we watched No End in Sight and a lot of that cloudiness was cleared up. I would really recommend this movie to anyone who, like me, has been a little confused by all the details of the war. No End in Sight has a lot of clarity to offer.

That is all.


Megan said...

thinking of you and your family. Hope everything is going ok.

Maiasaura said...

thank you, megan. dan is recovering amazingly well. hope everything with the move is going great!