Wednesday, August 20, 2008


:::first time to ever purchase kool-aid.:::
used it to color our play dough.
gives it a fun fruity scent. thanks for the tip, em!

:::first time to give in to pleas for these treats at the store.:::
m&m's are their all time favorites, so a huge frozen one on a stick is incredibly alluring.

:::first day of kindergarten.:::
it helps so much that the program here is only a half-day.
otherwise it might be more traumatic.
as it is, it feels very similar to preschool, only 5 days a week.
still it is KINDERGARTEN. feels like a big step, for sure.

Earlier this summer, one of S's friends told him that there was no playing in kindergarten (I'm not sure where she got this information, as she is a year younger than him). He expressed worry over that a few times leading up to this day. Tonight as S laid down to sleep, he told his daddy, "Elizabeth said you couldn't play in kindergarten, but you know what? We played A LOT."


Bonnie said...

Wow - way to go, Simon!

But, LB, more traumatic for who? ;)

Jay M. said...

The one of Simon displaying the cracked M&M is great. I love Theo chowing in the background.

sarah hedman said...

awww. simon is such a big boy. what a big step. I remember josie's first day of (fullday-yikes!!) kindergartena nd I will never forget it. such a weird and kinda sad, kinda proud, kinda cool experience. i bet you will treasure this one-on-one time with Theo. Ireally enjoyed that time with Eliza - just me and her for once - during that year.