Friday, August 15, 2008

last lazy days.

This title is a little inaccurate. I meant to reference the fact that school is about to begin, and we are down to our last days of summer freedom. But we have not been lazy. On the contrary, we've been quite busy.

The boys and I took another walk to see the marching band practice. Took the camera along this time.
I love S's stance here. Look at that confident swagger. He is suddenly such a big kid.

I'm not gonna lie --- I get really nervous watching them climb up these rickety bleachers, waiting for one of the gaps between the steps to swallow their little legs whole. But they do okay.
We love the whooshing sounds of the flags.
S has decided he wants to play electric guitar in the marching band when he is older. Nate played electric guitar in his school's marching band his senior year. So it's no use telling S that marching bands don't typically have electric guitars. He's determined to follow in his father's footsteps.

On Wednesday we went to the Farm Park, a local spot I thoroughly enjoyed as a girl. It is a joy to go there now with my own children. Also, I ran into two people I know while at the Farm Park. It was a real moved-back-home-to-a-small-town kind of moment.

Here they are feeding the greedy goats. Later on we were viewing the turkeys. Grandma Debbie made a joke about how turkeys are ugly but tasty. S looked at her very seriously and then whispered, "Shhh! We don't want them to know that we eat them!" We were dying.

Our final big event for the week was an authentic Amish house raising. My sister's family is building a house in the country, and the nicest Amish gentlemen traveled a great distance to raise the timber frame.
The kids had a ball exploring the nearly 2 acres of yard.
Here are T and one of my sweet nieces.

It has been a full week, and I'm tired. The house has reached epic levels of clutter and filth, but I'm not going to raise a finger right now. The boys are napping, and I will nap too. Next week we begin our school routine and will be busier than ever. My summer is almost over! The house can wait.

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