Monday, August 25, 2008

Hello again. Just popping in to show you something I made last week. My friend Lindsey had her baby girl, Ella June. I knew this baby was on the way, but hadn't found time to prepare any sort of gift until I got a text message on Wednesday saying Ella had been born. Then I got right to work. I was easily able to find several hours between Wednesday and Saturday, when we went to visit the baby and new parents, to whip up this gift.
I had these curtains hanging in our old kitchen and loved them more than anyone should love a pair of curtains. They don't fit anywhere in the new house, though, so the fabric will be divvied up for projects. I knew that Lindsey had chosen pink and green for her baby's colors, and I felt sure she would appreciate this sweet printed fabric.
I have a book of iron-on transfers featuring lots of letters, letters, letters. Twenty-something alphabets in all different fonts. The dark green E is what the transfer looked like. The pale green and the dark green dots are my own added embellishments. I stitched a little bit of pink, too, but it matches the fabric, so it's more for added texture than anything. I used a frame from my stash and voila! Easy, adorable baby gift. I was really pleased with the final product, and, more importantly, the recipients loved it as well.
The embroidery was only part of a larger gift, consisting of filling homemade meals, individually packaged and ready to be refrigerated or frozen. I'll never forget how thankful I was to have people cook for me when I was spending my days doing nothing but cry while letting a little creature gnaw on my tenderest parts. So for people with new babies, food is always my go-to gift.
After we saw the sweet little baby, we went out for dinner. Mexican, much to S's horror. We had a chat in the car, though, about how we behave in the restaurant, even if we don't like the food. He did well, eventually deciding he loved his quesadilla and rice. Then we went for some ice cream. Baskin Robins is currently selling these political flavors. We opted for mint chocolate chip. Classic.
Our weekend was very full and now we are settling back into our weekday routine. S seems to be enjoying school. Everyday he proudly reports that he is "still on green!", which from what I gather relates to some sort of behavioral system in his classroom. He's also starting to call other students by name when he tells stories about the day, which to me says he is meeting kids, making friends, and finding his way in the class.

That's all for today.

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sarah hedman said...

Beautiful, Laura! I haven't embroidered for a really long time. You might be inspiring me to start again. Crap! I do NOT need another hobby. I just like too many things!! talk to you soon!