Tuesday, July 15, 2008

White Winter Hymnal

We listened to a WHOLE LOT of Fleet Foxes on the way to and from Cleveland. We like all the songs, but the boys had a clear favorite. We are still reveling in the singing voice of our youngest... it's rather a new discovery. More and more often now he'll burst forth in song, and it is wonderful.

The first video is short and sweet. The second is more of the same, but I had to include it because S does a brilliant improvisational breakdown toward the end of the performance. You may, however, overhear me swearing in the presence of children. Apologies.


Colin said...

Is Nate allowed to like Fleet Foxes? I'm pretty sure there's vocal harmonies and (gasp) guitars!!

Maiasaura said...

I know, right? I guess he's getting soft in his old age.

Linda said...

What fun!! The boys sounded great. Mom and dad's musical talents have been passed down.

love, memaw