Monday, July 7, 2008

for a painted lady.

I've been working on this unicorn embroidery for several weeks. I honestly thought it would be a very quick project but I was wrong. The fact that I cannot estimate with any accuracy the time needed for a given project, I suppose, is evidence that I am still a novice stitcher.
I mounted it on a little artist's canvas that I bought at the craft store. Some of the stitchwork goes over the edge of the canvas. I like that look.
This is for my tattoo artist, Jamie. She is a fan of the unicorns. She moved away to Florida but will be back in the area next month. When she returns, we will hopefully be collaborating on a project of another kind. More on that later.
So, the cleanse is over. Well, the three weeks are not over, but I am done with the cleanse. I did one week of very strict, clean eating. Then I let myself loosen up a bit, and I couldn't get back on track. Rather than trying for two more weeks and feeling like a failure when I couldn't do it, I decided to cut my losses and focus on the one good week that I did have.

I want to try to do this on an annual basis, and maybe next year I'll make it for two weeks. For this first cleanse, my big takeaway was in regards to sugar. I'm realizing that refined sugar is not my body's friend. After having gone without for a week, when I reintroduced sugar into my diet, I felt the effects in a big way. Headaches, huge dips in energy, even mood swings. So I'm going to try to cut back on the sugar for good. Other than that, I'm going to partake of animal products and gluten moderately, but without any worries.

Here were my favorite two breakfasts to eat during the cleanse. First, a rice cake with peanut butter and agave sweetener or honey, plus some kind of fruit. Super quick and filling.

If I had a little more time in the morning, I loved this gluten-free oatmeal, plus berries and a bit of agave sweetener again. Yum, yum. I'm going to continue these breakfasts, I think, even though I'm done with the cleanse.
This is going to be a really busy week. Two year check-up for T today, immunizations for S tomorrow, and leaving for Cleveland on Thursday! Somewhere in there I'm going to try to paint a chair. I really need to tackle all these chair orders. I think I have about 6 people waiting for chairs now. They are very patient, thankfully.


Linda said...

Both breakfasts look very yummy!! What is agave sweetener? Very lovely unicorn too!

love, memaw

sarah hedman said...

beautiful stitching

Jay M. said...

I think you've accomplished a pretty tough task here. I thought to myself, "Whoa, that's pretty badass."

And I realized I was referring to a unicorn. A pink, embroidered, curly-maned unicorn.

Well done.

Early Bird Special said...

I think your stitching is beautiful! I really love the way the stitching wraps around the edge a bit. I'm sure your friend will love it!