Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cleveland Highlights.

Our trip to Cleveland was fun but exhausting, as travelling with small children must inevitably be. Seven and a half hours in the car is a long, long time. Janna recommended the stories on this site, and they were extremely helpful.

It was pretty darn hot. Popsicles certainly hit the spot.

The Natural History Museum was super fun, especially the huge stegasaurus out front, begging to be climbed.

T was a riot in the museum. He spent an hour running from display to display shouting, "WOW!!!" and making this face. Hilarious.These cookies were so amazing. Almondy and spongy and completely divine. Pizzicati, they are called. Mmmm.

Homage to Sweet Juniper.
The boys had fun running through this fresh rain puddle. S and Sal were seriously playing chicken, running straight at each other and colliding, laughing all the time. We let them go until Sal was knocked over and drenched in the deep puddle. Despite our warnings to be careful, after Sal's impressively quick recovery they were back at it. Such is life with little boys.

There was precious little time to be alone as adult friends during this trip. My hope is that as our kids get older, it will be easier to enjoy each others' company. During our limited evenings, we at least managed a few games of Carcassonne, pizza, and a movie.
And one last pic, from the long drive back home.
It was great to see our friends, as always. And I really like Cleveland. I am happy here in our small town right now. But city life still sings to me. Maybe someday...

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