Saturday, July 19, 2008

Around the house, followed by a rant. In which I get real angry.

I've been doing a little decorating in S's room lately. I put up some new curtains, hung some new artwork. I'm quite pleased with how it is looking. So much so that I have to repress a little squeal of delight each time I walk into his room.

The curtains. The curtains make me crazy. Nate thinks I'm crazy. But I can't help it. They look wonderful. See for yourselves:
Here is a slightly better view. At the end of the bed notice the new piece of art.
I found it in this etsy shop, and I love it very much. S is also a fan. Poleroid transfer. Brilliant.
Finally, I scored this pull down map of Asia from my dad. I don't know how old it is; the names of the countries are no longer up to date. But I like maps, and the colors in this one are fabulous. Nate scratched his head when I showed him. What style are you going for here, he asked me. Um, I don't know, honey... sophisticated kitsch?

I've been doing a lot of thrown-together delicious sandwiches this week. Summertime is good for that. I ate this for breakfast one morning: leftover bacon, tomato, havarti cheese, and whole basil leaves.
Then, for dinner a few days later it was a similar affair: sweet corn, and sandwich with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and cheese. Your classic BLTC. Or BCLT. Or BTLC. None of them are very catchy, are they? Still, delicious.

Guys, you know I try hard not to judge other parents. I like to assume everyone is doing the best they can, and I know that I am the furthest thing from a perfect mother. But I witnessed something today that made me want to explode. Nate and I went to see the new Batman, a movie described as dark and disturbing by many adult viewers. There were a lot of young kids in the movie --- seven, eight, nine, around there. That made me slightly uncomfortable. The family that really took the prize for my wrath, though, ushered in a little boy who couldn't have been more than three years old. I seriously felt sick to my stomach the whole two and a half hours we sat there. I tried to focus on the movie, but my eyes kept wandering down to the front row where they sat, catching sight of his little towhead, being reminded of my own blondie and his fresh slate of a mind. I cannot, cannot understand or forgive these parents for exposing their little baby to such violence and darkness. What can they be thinking? To me, this is a form of child abuse. At the very least, these parents exhibited ignorance and selfishness. Why not wait until it comes to the video store, put your poor little child to bed, and watch it then? The only possible answer is: You are both selfish and stupid. I wish the movie theater could create rules against such grotesquely bad parenting decisions. Maybe I should write a letter. Start a campaign.

Too bad all the readers of this blog are thoroughly good and competant parents and do not need all of this great wisdom and judgement I am dishing out. I'm preaching to the choir, I know. So now I will stop.

The upside of the deal was that we got some free movie tickets on the way out. Apparently the air conditioning was broken (we didn't notice), someone else complained and scored us all free passes. We have to use them within a month or they'll expire, so maybe we'll go see Wall-E. That way I could share the theater with children and not have my heart broken.


Bonnie said...

I know you were ticked, but that makes me love even more how you tagged it "that joker is one scary dude". HA!

When we saw it (Friday 11:45am) there were kids in the theater, too. I'm a total wimp, and actually covered my eyes at times and was super tense. I kept thinking, "those kids are gonna have nightmares! I'm gonna have nightmares!" Instead I dreamed about Robert Downey Jr as the black guy in the war movie comedy that they previewed before Batman. He was making the movie with Rachel Hippen. Wierd. So maybe that's what the kids dreamt about, too.

sarah hedman said...

oh Laura, i couldn't agree more. I was equally outraged when we went to Spiderman 3 and there were little 2 and 3 year old kids in there getting scared out of their mind (if you remember, that movie was quite a bit darker than the other spiderman movies). I said the EXACT same thing that you had in your blog after I saw those poor little kids in that movie. Stupid and selfish is a really good summary of those parents. I get so mad. I'm sure i make a ton of mistakes, too, but hopefully none that obviously detrimental to my children. ANYway, just had to do a little ranting myself and now off to bed. talk to you soon!

Angela said...

Ditto other mothers. Regarding first part of your post, which I didn;t read until after our visit, I loooove the new decor in Simon's room, which I didn't even realize was new! Good choices all around.

Maiasaura said...

Thanks, Angela! I'm glad you liked the room. And I'm really glad you guys came down. Thank you for making the trip. It means a lot to us to keep in touch with you and your family.