Monday, June 23, 2008

not at all terrible.

Saturday was the big party for this big boy. He and his brother spent the night with grandparents. Nate and I worked ALL DAY on Friday getting ready. He did yard work and cleaning. I did a ridiculous amount of cooking. Okay, so I planned a few too many dishes. I can admit it. Friday was exhausting and stressful. But Saturday was great. And the food was tops, if I say so myself.
The flow of the party felt a little chaotic to me. I think that in this bigger house, people can spread out more during a gathering. Which is good, right? People were probably more comfortable. It just took more effort to communicate to guests what was next on the party agenda (not that there were many items... basically, lunch, gifts, then outside for cake and pool splashing). I was probably the only one bothered by the sloppy transitions. At least I hope so.
This foot shot (accidental, I believe) reminded me of the foot pics I took in Barcelona. I painted my toenails for the party... first time in many years. Possibly since my wedding? I don't know. A long time. The shoes demanded some bright pink polish.
These cupcakes were the simplest food item I prepared during the insane cooking marathon on Friday. Basically, a spoonful of boxed cake mix in the bottom of a cupcake tin. Bake for a bit, let cool. While they cool, let some ice cream soften up a bit, then spoon over the cake. Fill 'er up, smooth out the top. Freeze. Later squeeze on some icing, then freeze again. These were really, really delicious. I saw the idea here.
I think the fray enjoyed their time in the wading pools. The weather was perfect for water play.
Finally, the birthday boy enjoying his treat. You'll have to excuse my inability to put a limit on the pictures. I cannot get enough of this face. I've said it before, I'll say it again and again. So beautiful.

Thanks to everyone who spent the morning with us. You are sweethearts, all.


Bonnie said...

I wanted to tell you that you served several of my favorite foods: the melon with proscuitto, tabuhli and hummus. It was all delicious!

Maiasaura said...

oh, thank you,bonnie! i'm glad you liked everything, and glad you spent the morning with us.